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At Ubber Group Derabassi

we are committed towards one hundred percent customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the very best of living space to each and every client. From high rise residences to lush green townships we build structures with the basic intent of keeping our customer’s demands and desires as the main priority. At Ubber Group Derabassi our each and every endeavour is meticulously planned and detailed so as to render affordable living along with superior quality standards because our clients deserve nothing but the best. With the sole mission of satisfying the financial and personal demands of our stakeholders and customers we are trying to design projects using superior knowledge and experience whilst finding ways to render our services with all the warmth and affection.

Also, with rapidly changing market trends, we are altering our methodologies accordingly so as to make sure that the high standards of our projects prevail with ease and comfort and that our client experiences nothing but the best. Our company also realizes that as real estate developers, it is the resources of the society that we use and with that fact etched in our minds we make sure that the serenity of the environment prevails without any form of disturbance.

We believe in respecting the ever-giving society and utilizing its resources with utmost care and precision. Lastly, our immediate priority is comprehending the needs and desires of the customer and forever strive to build a healthy and a long-lasting relationship with our clients and stakeholders. We continuously aspire to improve and fare well in whatever we do.


Ubber Group Derabassi has always felt the urge to create a space where you can breathe. With increasing city periphery people are not getting that breather. Along with this we have ascertained that we provide world class living within the reach of the customers. Our past projects bear testimony for that.
The Ubber Group has always dreamt of giving such living spaces that will relax you after a long days  work. This simple vision has propelled us to create projects that has been welcomed by people and have been acclaimed by industry. We are still making our dream a reality.


Becoming a brand is easy with numerous tools that are there to boost your market presence. Ubber group Derabassi has always appealed to the good senses of people with their innovative and modern construction ideas. Our Mission has always been and will be, to be a name that people reckon with.

We look forward to creating more homes where trust will be the relationship between us and Customers. We are continuously incorporating newer technologies and ideas to offer you comfort. We want to build homes that will make us a name in your heart.


There are numerous aspects that have inspired Ubber Group Derabassi to build homes of international standard.

Skill & Knowledge

We give enough emphasis in obtaining experts from various fields who can guide us through the complete construction process with their professional knowledge and skills. It helps us to implement newer technologies and innovative ideas in building homes for you.


We aim to build and deliver homes that comply with international class and offer you the best living space where architectural creation will make you wonder at your own house.

Originality & Innovation

We encourage innovative ideas and implement such to create the best possible houses for you.  We want to make you feel good even before you enter the house. That is the promise of quality  and innovation.


We abide by our motto of hundred percent customer satisfaction.


We offer such working environment where people can think and work freely. Nurturing the people, both workers and customers, is the best possible way to a great outcome.


The way you are passionate about your house similarly we have the zeal to create homes that you become passionate about.


When it comes to world class living Ubber Group is the name to trust. Over the past years, we have dedicated ourselves in providing the best living space, quality of service and eminence in offering the best, have given us a reputation of our own. We understand the importance of having a spacious living space, where you can breathe freely. The projects we have undertaken, Accomplished the promises in every aspect. From residential high rises to housing townships with lush greenery, we have accommodated everything that you think you need to relax.

Our meticulous planning starts from acquiring the land. Trained professionals develop the project in such a way that you get all the modern amenities within a landscape of green.  We are not only Targeting the living space, but we have plots in best locations, where you will get the value for your money.

In Ubber Group Derabassi we believe in having a satisfied customer than to have a fretting one. Keeping your wish of living in a luxurious space within an affordable price, we have laid out a transparent and easy pricing procedure.

Ubber group Derabassi has always stood for integrity, trust and timekeeping. We build houses but we deliver happy homes.

Finding a Home – Discover How the Dream of Home Can Be a Reality

Whether you’re searching for your first home, or moving to your next, the Ubber Group makes the process a memorable one.

Chairman Message

Over the last few years we have build a prominent presence in the real estate industry in the expanse of Chandigarh. Our relentless effort to outclass in the real estate scenario has made us a name to reckon with; a name that people can trust; a name that spells perfection in all earnestness.

Providing luxurious living along with world class amenities has always topped Ubber Group Derabassi priority list.

Customer satisfaction in any circumstances has always been the motivating factor and that has made us focused in accommodating you in a living space with international standards. Along with our customers we have got brilliantly skilled and efficient man power that has pushed us up the ladder of success. We have been able, with changing times, to incorporate newer technologies in development project as well as urban and most modern architecture in designing our projects.

The best gift that we have received is the trust of our clients of India and abroad. In providing people with sophisticated and luxurious living we have got recognition from them as well as from the industry. We try to take minute care of the details and we hope that we will be able to continue to keep up the good work that you have entrusted us to do.